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Made in the USA, GBGI manufactures hub and spindle assemblies as well as planter row unit wear parts. Through in-house quality control and testing, GBGI offers products that are field-ready and designed with durability. 
GBGI Cast Openers.png

Heavy-Duty Cast Opener Assemblies

This cast opener assembly will outlast all the other equipment you plant with. The enhanced ductile iron bearing is cast and machined in the USA, and the assembly includes a strong steel blade and a premium PEER double-row sealed ball bearing.

GBGI Parallel Arm.png

Parallel Arms

Designed so the inner bushing is made from a lighter material than the outer bushing so the wear point is shifted to the inner bushing. That means you know that this will always be the bushing that needs replaced. This design makes maintenance quick and easy and helps reduce any downtime.

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