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RS Precision is a Yetter Farm Equipment dealer specializing in planter attachments and residue management equipment. Since 1930, Yetter has designed products with farmers in mind by creating product lines that enhance existing agriculture equipment.
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Planter Attachments

  • Row Cleaners

  • Air Adjust Series

  • Planter-Mount Coulters

  • Planter-Mount Fertilizer Equipment

  • Closing Wheels

  • Spoke Planter Gauge Wheels

  • LidLift

  • TrackTill

  • Hydraulic Markers

  • 71 Planter Unit

  • Bulk Seed

  • Cover Crop Roller

  • ReSweep

Coulter 1.png

Fertilizer Management

  • Toolbar-Mount Fertilizer Equipment

  • Planter Mount Fertilizer Equipment

  • Strip-Till Units

  • Magnum for High-Speed Application

  • Sealers for Side-Dress & Pre-Apply

  • All Steer Cart

  • Toolbar-Mount Row Cleaners

Stalk Devastator.png

Fertilizer Management

  • Stalk Rollers

  • Head Cart Trailers

  • 1000 Auger Ace

Rotary Hoe.png

Toolbars & Hoes

  • Toolbar-Mount Coulters

  • Toolbars

  • Rotary Hoes

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