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Precision Planting

As a Precision Planting Premier Dealer, we believe in the performance and return of Precision Planting products. Designed to upgrade your existing equipment or build a row unit to fit your acres, Precision Planting offers in-field solutions customized for the variability of your operation.

20|20 Display

You can't change what you can't see. Let the 20|20 system lead you to better decisions as it monitors, controls, and diagnoses your field conditions and equipment performance in real-time.



Running a single downforce setting across an entire field causes yield loss because the setting is rarely correct. DeltaForce is an automated row by row downforce control system that measures and adjusts downforce every time there is variability in your field, so your crops will thrive for optimal yields.



Traditional seed meters need continual adjustment to plant accurately which leads to skips, doubles, and ultimately, lost yield. vSet seed meters singulate seeds accurately without any adjustments resulting in perfect seed placement throughout your field.

vDrive 2.png


Mechanical drive systems require costly and time-consuming maintenance. vDrive is a maintenance-free electric drive system that lets you breeze through planting without the headaches of a mechanical drive system.



Secure parallel arm linkage on your planter is critical for consistent seed placement. But you shouldn't have to keep buying replacement arms and rebuild kits to keep your row units in order. Equip your planter with components built to last.

SpeedTube 2.png


Most planting seasons have weather challenges that make it difficult to plant all your fields in ideal conditions. SpeedTube is a seed delivery system that allows you to double your planting speed without sacrificing performance. You’ll have a sense of accomplishment when the rain comes and your planter is already back in the shed.



Farmers experience up to 30% variability in the rate applied to each row with liquid control systems today. vApplyHD allows you to get the correct rate of liquid fertilizer to every plant in your field, ensuring your plants never starve, so that your fertilizer ROI is maximized.



Row unit-mounted row cleaners hurt row unit ride and affect down force requirements. Reveal is frame-mounted, removing its impact on the row unit. With its own internal gauge wheel, Reveal precisely controls the depth of the cleaning tines to create a consistently clean and ideal seeding environment for even emergence to occur. today. vApplyHD allows you to get the correct rate of liquid fertilizer to every plant in your field, ensuring your plants never starve, so that your fertilizer ROI is maximized.

Conceal 2.png


The most efficient time to place fertilizer is during the planter pass, but many planter nitrogen attachments are bulky, messy, and high-maintenance. Conceal is a planter fertility attachment that is cleanly tucked into the row unit and places nutrition in the soil 3 inches away from the seed.



Setting row cleaners correctly is time-consuming and frustrating. CleanSweep allows you to make row cleaner adjustments from the cab, eliminating the frustration of getting row cleaners set, saving you time while planting.

YieldSense 2.png


Yield monitors need time-consuming calibration many times per season to be accurate. YieldSense is a yield monitoring system that provides easy calibration and spatial accuracy throughout harvest so that you can trust your data to make accurate decisions.

SmartFirmer 2.png


Digging a few seeds per field doesn’t give you a complete picture of whether your depth setting is correct. SmartFirmer is a seed firmer-sensor that measures the amount of moisture available to the seed, so you can adjust your depth correctly and know you will have a consistent crop stand.

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